As a people from different races, culture, religions- we all live different realities. But as women, there is a dynamic that cuts across race, tribe, social class and religion that bring us all together. The struggle and fight to be recognized as being deserving of equal rights, respect and opportunities as the opposite gender.

We spoke to a few women and asked them what being a modern Nigerian woman means to them and why international women’s day is important.

I think International Women’s day is important because it celebrates women and recognizes their achievements proving to everyone especially young girls that their dreams are achievable regardless of gender.


Being a modern woman, for me, is realizing that there is no one way to be a woman. It means understanding who I am as a person and realizing how I can manifest my power and value to benefit my environment. It also means redefining and shedding cultural and societal expectations, forging my own path if need be, and changing/creating a system that will allow future generations of women to be who they want, however they want. I think that International Women’s Day is important because it highlights the plight of women in our society and gives us the opportunity to celebrate our numerous contributions to society & how far we’ve come.


Being a modern Nigerian woman means looking at all that the future has to offer while being bound by tradition. I have all these ambitions of things i want to see and do in the future yet I’m constantly being told that i may have to sacrifice my ambitions for my children and marriage. I should be the one that always makes allowances because i am the woman. This makes the whole institution unattractive to me. It just seems like all you get is more work and stress. Things are getting better and there are more empowering voices out there. The next thing really is to change our mindset as to what is actually possible. International woman’s day i guess serves as a reminder but to be fair after the day what is the impact going forward. I’m not sure I’ve heard of any project that emanated from the day perhaps I’m not well informed on this.


Everyday I wake up on a digital mindset having to deal with an analogue system that constantly reminds me that as a Nigerian woman living in Nigeria, I’m limited.

So it’s a constant battle having the break the barriers and scream louder than the voices telling me to shut up and sit down. Even when I’m tired, I can neither shut up nor sit down, because I’d be erased with the snap of a finger. My influence on this planet no matter how large would be limited to being a wife or a mother and this bothers me so much. So yes, I do think International Women’s Day is very important and for various reasons.

A lot of us have become aware that Nigerian women have goals and dreams but it’s really easy to forget. So it’s important that we remind ourselves. It helps to map out the imbalances and how wide spread it is, the negative effects it has done the community, and project the best outcomes of truly having a gender balanced society.

International Women’s Day is that day to not just create awareness, but also celebrate the women that have crawled so we could walk and pledge to keep walking so our daughters can fly


Being a woman is different things to each person. No one definition of being a woman. To celebrate ourselves and appreciate each other, how far we’ve come and look forward to the future.


To me, a modern Nigerian woman is one who knows that there are no reserved seats. You work hard to take your place at the top. She balances it all and isn’t worried to seek a little help when necessary.

Especially with the advent of social media as we know it, women’s day helps you connect with several people (You may never know) and seeing how their story is so similar to yours and how they pushed through. It’s a day for women to enjoy or find their voice, their strength and this year’s theme is sooooooo apt!


Being a modern woman means that I can find from within me the courage to make my dreams a reality. It means that I choose a life where I can be whole and still impact lives. It means I can be free.
We have now come to a point where we have to take a day aside to recognize the value of a gender in our world. If this is what it takes then we should make the day count and make all women of the world know that they matter.


Its important because it reminds us about the role of men and women in helping women be the best they can be. A modern Nigerian woman is an epitome of strength and resilience


As a modern Nigerian woman, this means that I am strong and ready to speak out at all times. I am ready to sit at table with other men. I am ready to say No and mean it. I am ready to pave way for the younger generation. I am ready to influence the young girls positively. I am ready to be ME! International Women’s Day importance can not be over emphasized. All women should be celebrated. By doing so, spirits are lifted and the zeal to do more increases. A woman can change the world, so why wouldn’t she be celebrated


To me, being a Nigerian woman means being resilient, stretching yourself in ways that you never expect. Being a Nigerian woman means being innovative and creative.
International Women’s Day is important because it is an avenue celebrate women and shed more light on the inequalities women currently face.


Women’s history month sits at an intersection. It’s both a celebration of how far we’ve come in seeking after female rights and empowerment, doing a wonderful, necessary job of emphasizing female contributions to the world. Yet at the same time, it’s a sign post. Almost every time a specific period  is required to shine a light on something it’s because a majority of the world still disregards or diminishes it (for instance, Black History month). My feelings too sit at an intersection, I love Women’s History  Month and what it stands for but I fervently look forward to the day that female contributions are celebrated and recognized every day of every year as they deserve to be.

I love women’s history day and what it stands for. I fervently look forward to the day that female contributions are celebrated and recognized every day of the year as they deserve to be.

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