The United Nations (UN) released a 16 page document on their strategy for Youth Development themed- Working with and for Young people.

The 16 page document  detailed  the Role of the UN, it’s Vision, Objectives on the youth strategy, Plans on strengthening the foundations that delivers with and for young people, Priority areas also, Coordination, Governance and Operationalization.

The document first points out that the world today boasts the largest population of young people in history. There are 1.8 billion people in the world today and 90% of them live in developing countries, making up a large proportion of the population.

The document highlights how the UN sees the potential of the young people as a tremendous asset worthy of investment. It commends their impacts in contributing  to the resilience of their communities, proposing innovative solutions, driving social progress and inspiring political change, in urban as well as rural contexts.

The document also discuss the tremendous challenges and risks that the youth faces in their strive towards a positive global change. It explains how these challenges cut across different, political, social and gender classes, with life-threatening risks disproportionately carried by young women and girls in many parts of the world. These arise when trying to access their rights to quality education, healthcare or decent work.  The way young people experience intersecting forms of marginalization, and struggle with the brunt of a global erosion of human rights and impeded access to justice was also noted.

The UN talks about how  the shifting demographics in the world are leveraged, and the transition of  young people into adulthood, are critical for the progress of humankind and the health of the planet. With this large and increasing number of young people across the globe, the UN states that it is clear that it is only by engaging and working with the young people , supporting them in standing up for their rights and creating conducive and thriving  conditions allowing them to progress and play an active role, that the international community will be able to achieve peace, security, justice, climate resilience and sustainable development for all.

The UN is to act as a source of protection and support for young people and a platform through which their needs can be addressed, their voice can be amplified, and their engagement can be advanced, the document says while explaining the role of the UN in the youth strategy 2030. This is building on its unique global convening role and its mandate to serve the world’s peoples and its role as a partner and broker.

The UN fully embraces young people’s diversity in all its forms and recognizes young people as rights-holders, and promotes and facilitates transparency, accountability, and responsiveness from duty bearers toward young people. The strategy uses a human-rightsbased, gender-transformative, -sensitive and –responsive approach.

The document is open to the public and can be downloaded here.



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