The Citizens Assembly is a 12 month online programme to develop a project to help achieve the Global Goals in your country. As a member of the United For 2030 Citizens Assembly, you will take part in a 12 month programme to develop a project that can help achieve a Global Goal in your country. The programme is completed entirely online using a range of tools, so you can contribute from anywhere to help achieve the Global Goals.You will be guided through the process of identifying a problem, creating a solution and making it a reality with the support of experts from across the world.

United For 2030 gives a new generation the power to achieve the Global Goals. We bring young people together to represent their nations in the Citizens Assembly. Our United Citizens collaborate online to develop projects to address challenges their nations and the world faces.

United For 2030 has been created by young people for young people.

We were frustrated that the United Nations and the Global Goals can seem irrelevant and inaccessible to young people. We started United For 2030 to provide any young person with a simple way to support the Global Goals.


  • People aged between 18-35 apply to be one of five young people representing their country in the United For 2030 Citizens Assembly.
  • Successful applicants take part in a 12 month programme where they create a project to address challenges their nation faces.
  • The representatives from each nation pitch their project at the United For 2030 Summit to people and organisations from all over the world.

DEADLINE: December 17 2018

To apply and for more information visit here

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