World Environment Day is on June 5th, this day has been set aside by the UN to bring global awareness of the environment and the challenges that it faces. This year’s theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ urges all of us to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in the world.

Plastics are everywhere in our environment, they litter our streets clog our drains, pollute our beaches and seas. The impact of all this is that 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million seabirds are killed each year. You could even be eating some plastic as we speak. Scientists have found that you could be eating on average 114 plastic fibres every time you sit and have a meal.

In Lagos, the floods that happened in Lekki last year were partially attributed to our blocked drains and I’m sure part of that blockage was due to plastic waste as well as other debris.  As you can see plastic wastes have quite an impact not only on the environment but on our day to day lives.

That’s why the UN has proposed a way for all of us to Beat Plastic Pollution. They have created a game or a challenge where you choose the single-use plastic you will be giving up and the replacement you plan on using and then you tag 3 other people to take part. Children can get involved by watching a video specially created for the World Environment Day. It shows them how they can beat plastic.

Info-graphic on #BeatPlasaticPollution tag

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So what single-use plastic will you be giving up?

Tag you’re it!!

Tairat Bashorun
Tairat is Operational Risk Officer with experience in analyzing the Environmental and social risks that can emanate from business operations. She is passionate about renewable energy. She enjoys a good book and watching movies.