The Nigerian Youth Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Symposium held on the 28th of August 2018, at the Trenchard Hall University of Ibadan as a side event of the 9th annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS). It was organized by the Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) Youth, Nigeria.

This event was held as a first major event of SDSN Youth In Nigeria to introduce young individuals to the 17 SDGs of the United Nations (UN) through the theme, Agenda 2030; Youths in Advocacy, Solution and Actions towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as well taking the lead in the promotion, advocacy as well as actions towards achieving the SDGs.

The symposium had about 200 young individuals in attendance.

Participants were put through the responsibilities of the youth arm of the SDSN which includes; educating other young people about the SDGs as well as implementing the goals by creating platforms for them to connect, collaborate and integrate their ideas in solving challenges across regions, nations, and the world at large. They were also encouraged to join the SDSN Youth Network in Nigeria through this symposium in order to foster unity in solving societal challenges locally. SustyVibes and other organisations had representatives in attendance who shared the story of their organizations, the progress they have made so far, and how their activities have targeted the implementation of the SDGs.

Director SDSN Nigeria, Professor Olabode Popoola said,  “Youths must be reoriented about productivity and education. This can only be achieved by keying into the SDGs in practical ways”.

Other notable speakers at the event include, Professor Patrick Paul Walsh (Chair of International Development Studies, University College Dublin, Ireland), Professor Olanrewaju Olaniyan (Director, Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Ibadan) etc.

Many of the participants affirmed that through the symposium, they now have a good Knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals and how the SDSN is pivotal in implementing the goals in Nigeria.

Finally, the participants were encouraged to ensure that their academic projects and researches are tailored towards one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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