On the 26th of January, 2019, SustyVibes Abuja took to the streets of Jikwoyi, Abuja in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Environment, Satellite Town Development Department, Abuja Environmental Protection Board, African Clean-Up Initiative, Pick That Trash, The Upcycle Architect, Sustainable Africa Waste Initiative, Eco-Barter, Hope Spring, Chanji Datti and Trash Monger.

Jikwoyi is a Suburb, located a few kilometers outside Abuja City Centre, the community mostly lack proper waste management system and culture.

The Street Conference was aimed at sensitizing the residents of Jikwoyi on the need for proper waste management culture and the adverse effects of littering and improper disposal of waste.

SustyVibers met up at Jikwoyi Primary Healthcare Centre and it was sadly noted that even the workers at the Primary Healthcare Centre burn their waste – behind their building. SustyVibers walked the length of the street to the Jikwoyi Phase 2 Market which sadly spotted a huge dump site, right behind it to. But fortunately, waste collectors showed up while we were there in what we figured was their first time in along while.

From the interactions with residents and traders in Jikwoyi, the following were noted;

  • People are aware of the need for a clean environment but find it difficult to go out of their way to clean up.
  • Distance posed a barrier for people to properly dispose their waste.
  • The inadequate housing plan is also a factor as it is difficult for waste trucks to get to some parts of Jikwoyi.

SustyVibers suggested the following solutions;

  • A central sewage system
  • Constant sensitization and reorientation programs for lasting effects
  • Thumbs up Stickers to encourage those managing their waste, properly
  • Getting smaller waste bins that would be properly managed and regularly evacuated
  • Look into National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and find areas of partnership that would lead to enforcement of policies that protects the environment
  • Organize a platform or workshop and dialogue with stakeholders to come up with lasting solutions to ensure proper waste management.

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