At SustyVibes, we believe that recycling is one of the ways to live sustainably and ultimately, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Responsible Consumption and Production, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

When we launched the #StareDownOnPollution campaign, we knew that just words and awareness won’t do, so had to put some action.So we initiated MyRecycleStory.

MyRecycleStory is a SustyVibes project aimed at:
– Promoting waste recyclers in Nigeria (answering the How, Why, and what about these recycling companies);
– Encouraging individuals, households, and organizations to recycle; and
– Therefore, bridging the gap between recyclers and communities.

We have released our first Recycle Story and we’ll be sharing these recycling stories bi-monthly, so If you are a waste recycler or know any waste recyclers or collector please fill up or share this link so we can share your own recycle story too!

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