Dear Zahra,
I am in awe of the woman you are
And the woman you are becoming!
I love that you do what you set your mind to do
I like that you are not easilvy daunted.
You show that one only needs to think it, work towards it
And the rest is a reality.

I like that you set your expectations for yourself
And do not let Society Sway you.
As tiny seeds become beautiful trees
Which shape our world and save our planet,
So your impact is felt by the world.

We have come far
But we are not there yet!
We still have a long walk to Freedom
I look forward to the time
When girls can be free to be.

– SustyM.

Mazeedah Hassan
Mazeedah is very passionate about a healthy environment. She believes achieving the SDGs would make the world a safer place. She likes reading, playing checkers, lawn tennis, and adventure. “The World is big enough for EVERYONE to develop their full potentials. There is no need for VIOLENCE and HATRED as it leads us NOWHERE but CHAOS.