How it all started…

While I was trying to tune up my resume 4 years ago after the mandatory NYSC, I came across the resume of a young lady that seemed impressive to me. For the second time I came across “sustainability” being used professionally. The first time was on the business card of a friend. The tagline of the company was “building sustainability”.

I could not really wrap my head aroundit then but after doing a little research of the company, their operations werecentred on using lean processes like going almost paperless, co-working openoffice, google hangouts and this friend could work from home as a construction project manager. His boss then was not particular about clocking in and out ofthe office daily. He was after results which my friend delivered very well. Tocut the long story short, I started to learn what sustainability was all about.

The Turning Point

I read books and articles but I knew I wanted more. I had no clue on the how. I managed this dilemma whilst living in Ikorodu and every time it rained, my compound was flooded. Unfortunately, the waste management sector in Lagos was not efficient so you can imagine having people dump waste along the roads and drains. I used truck-pushers at that time and became interested in their activities so I asked one of them “Where una dey carry this doti go?” He said “Na for canal and the main road.”

I was devastated to say the least. But what could I do? How do I change this? I applied for a Masters in Environmental  Management at the University of Lagos and I have not looked back since then. I looked at everything from an environmental angle first. I saw many lapses, I thought of solutions. In thecorner of my room in Ikorodu, I thought to myself  “How do I reach people and teach them about sustainability?”

I was not sure of myself. I was scared of rejection until I got the DM on Twitter, I had won the SustyVibes first Twitter contest.The N5000 prize came handy that time. I had no job. Fresh out of graduate school. Jennifer Uchendu encouraged me and helped me settle in as a sustyviber I thought I would have been taken off the community due to inconsistency but everyone especially Jennifer understood.I had two babies and lived far from town.

I wished I could attend all SustyVibes events; days when my car messed up, I wouldborrow my dad’s car but it was not always easy. I am proud of what the community has become. I look forward to my current project – Business sustainability reviews. The only thing left is I wish some sustyvibers stayed around so we could organize school talks and street campaigns because I love to talk and write about sustainability. This is what I was made for.

 My brother thinks I should switch careers because I am not making money from this yet but to me, it’sbeyond money. How about safeguarding the place the money would be spent at theend of the day.

I look forward using microbiology to solve environmental problems too.