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Diary of a SustyViber – Opeyemi Adekanbi

Yeah! You’re here for a good read. So grab a some tea, rest your back, calm your nerves and flow with the tides of lines. I hope you will be overwhelmed with a thirst for something greater than you and that you will be ignited to fiercely pursue those dreams of yours.

So here is a story of a girl who loves when the sky is in pretty colours and smile at the sight of its beauty; the fierce thirst for a life committed to humanity got developed during my service to my fatherland in 2016. Good for me, I was fortunate to have been grouped under Charity and Gender Development CDS group; I felt this is going to be a time where opportunity is fully provided to join in effecting a change. I said to myself; Ta-da! Opeyemi, the time is here. Get some sensible stuff doing with this numbered life of yours.
But you know what?! The CDS group turned out to be an indoor meeting with fellow corps members where we all sit in an enclosed room with four corners present to mark attendance and over-emphasize on the need to pay dues.

Girl, this isn’t the life you asked for.
I said to myself countless times, One time I had to interact with the president of the group suggesting the idea of we going to selected secondary schools in the neighbourhood to talk to teenagers about pressing issues that affect them especially the choice of career and drug abuse. Thank Goodness! The president got to consent and we embarked on this. Damn! The first outdoor meeting with this teenagers was worthwhile and was one of the coolest experience I had during service year.

Fast forward to 2017 when I ‘retired’ from service to my Fatherland, I did not want to let my service year fire burn out and since I had some time on my hands, I set out in getting registered in any NGOs whose goals are geared towards education and environment.
Then it came to pass that in that day, I came across Sustyvibes on Instagram and I quickly spread out my tentacles through scrolling through their posts enabling the information about the founder in person the super amazing human called Binti (Inside story) and also a then Teamlead named Eric who has happened to be the coolest G ever (a guy so kind-hearted and approachable) whom I sent personal messages. Eric took his time to take me through the rudiments of the organization and provided me with every needed help to becoming a member. I became a fully fledged Sustyviber in February 2018 after several attempts to reaching several NGOs. A dream came true indeed

Being a Sustyviber is one of the best things that has happened to me so far and by far one of the greatest things I’ve done for myself. It is a team, I’ve come to stay with. It is part of my story as it is a team filled with energetic youth who are doing tremendously well in their different fields, a team where success stories of youths gush in effortlessly that you can not but be motivated to join the success train. It has opened to a wide range of opportunities and connections which I can thrive on. Involving in some of her social events gives me joy knowing fully well that I am part of those to achieving the nation we dream of.

The team has helped in sharpening my communication skills. I cannot but say that Sustyvibes has been a home full of life and light which has opened a path of for me in which I can go about to say; I’ve been laced with passion and purpose still being
groomed as I’m embarking on a journey to repairing the planet and empowering her nhabitants.
Sustyvibes rock!!!!

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