On the 30th of March, Sustyvibes held a panel discussion about what the ideal urban situation in Nigeria would look like. Our conversation centered around waste management issues, architecture and planning in Nigeria/Lagos.

The session focused on three issues: Housing, waste management and natural disasters.

Our panelists, [Olamide Udoma Ejorh; Wunmi Ogunde; Dr Basirat Oyalowo] had quite a bit to say about the importance of diversity in decision making. We zeroed in on the lack of inclusivity in Nigeria’s decision making, and discussed how the lack of diversity in Nigeria’s urban planning (and other industries) has negatively affected the aesthetics and functionality of our urban cities.

The discussion also explored the correlation between waste management and homelessness in Nigeria.

You will also hear our panelist’s opinions on whether or not Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, is manufacturing natural disasters (hint: It is); and how ready Lagos as a city is to face potential effects of climate change (hint: we are not ready).

You can see photos below and listen to the discussion here:

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