On Thursday 7th of March 2019, to celebrate International Women’s Day that comes up annually on the 8th of March-we screened Awani a documentary film produced by Aderonke Adeola.

Awani explored the history of Nigeria woman pre colonization. It highlighted the strength, effort and brilliance of Nigerian woman unabashedly showed to fight for what they believed in. It shed more light on the Aba’s women riot in 1929 and the revolt of the Abeokuta women led by the amazing Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti. Nana Asmau’s legendary story was also documented.

Awani shows how the strength of women when allowed to thrive can be a tool in the progress of Nigeria.

A big thank you to Adeola Aderonke for making a film that shed a light on a truth we didn’t know we needed.

Find pictures from the screening below.

Taiwo Usman
Usman Taiwo has a passion for Sustainable development, especially Environmental sustainability. She's also passionate about Feminism and Social justice. She enjoys a good cup of coffee and a good book.