Four young Africans will travel 5,745km from Nigeria to Morocco, talking about climate change, adaptation and what the Marrakech meeting means for African countries, ahead of COP22 The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP22) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will take place in Marrakech Morocco, starting from the 7th – 18th of November 2016.

While the Paris Agreement adopted last year will pave ways for decisive action on climate change with prospects for a serious reduction in CO2 emissions, the Marrakech meeting plays a more crucial role for participants to help operationalize it. With rapid ratification seen so far and more countries like Nigeria planning to ratify at the conference, promising an early entry into force, the negotiations in Marrakech will hopefully intensify immediate response to challenges recognized in the Paris Agreement affecting positively the future of billions of people globally and most especially Africans.


Road to Marrakech is a Public Awareness Campaign for Africa and promises to tell our climate change story through a 5,754km drive from the coastline of Nigeria, West Africa, through the Sahara desert to Morocco. As Africans, we realized how vulnerable we are to the threats of climate change and would use this platform and project to shed a new light to the discourse. Through a mini documentary of our voyage in these cities, we will bring the many climate change issues these places face as we hope to engage in conversation with their respective environment ministries to learn their key adaptation plans.

The youth today will be leaders tomorrow and they must be made to understand the impacts of climate change. Today, we are the first generation that will have to deal with severe climate and environmental changes, but also the last generation that has the opportunity to act upon it to make the right turn.

mapOn Road to Marrakech, we aim to captivate the public and raise society’s consciousness on the issue of Climate Change and increase public pressure on our leaders toward ratification of the Paris Agreement ahead of COP22 and help draw up the need for positive climate actions towards a sustainable living for us and generations to come.

We plan to from this campaign, reintroduce to our societies a huge number of climate-conscious African youths with post-COP22 events that guarantee to give our actions boost and ensure this approach remain sustainable.
We will create impressions in five government established universities in five countries and we are currently receiving acknowledgment of interest from them as we hope to in the coming weeks conclude plans on types of climate action awareness campaigns that can be done as country laws might differ as we progress.

For more information, please check the Road To Marrakech Website



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