Ten years ago, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were non-existent
Instead, we had the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The SDGs reformed the MDGs to make the world a better place by 2030.
Despite reforms and innovations taking place in the world,
Is the world closer to becoming a better place than it was ten years ago?

Ten years ago, equal pay for equal work was an issue
Today, it’s still an issue.
#MeToo existed, probably not as pronounced as it is now
Shouldn’t concrete changes have occurred by now?
Girls were taught ‘how not to be raped’.
Should we have explained this to the one-month-old infant too?
It’s time we teach ‘Don’t rape,’ #EndRapeCulture
Rape is never an answer to any emotional trauma or daddy issues.
We should move from a ‘culture of entitlement’ to a ‘culture of respect’.

Ten years ago, victims endured domestic violence to keep family,
Today, #EnoughIsEnough has spoken!
#MentalHealth wasn’t giving due attention
Neglecting our Emotional well-being.
We were told to suppress our opinions
Alas! Impression without Expression leads to Depression!

Never again, shall we be dismayed
We shall fight the inner demons we struggle with,
Overcome our challenges,
And make this Herstory for #10YearsLater.

Mazeedah Hassan
Mazeedah is very passionate about a healthy environment. She believes achieving the SDGs would make the world a safer place. She likes reading, playing checkers, lawn tennis, and adventure. “The World is big enough for EVERYONE to develop their full potentials. There is no need for VIOLENCE and HATRED as it leads us NOWHERE but CHAOS.