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YALI Learns…Mandela Washington Fellows Visit RecyclePoints

The 13th of October, 2016 was a great Thursday for the RecyclePoints team as they hosted Mandela Washington Fellows under the #YaliLearns program for their community service at Yaba CoSoHUB. The Fellows joined RecyclePoints Bottle Sorters in sorting the recyclables collected from Post-consumers based on materials types and colours before bagging them for bailing.

Fellows smiling and recycling

The Fellows were amazed at the high quantity of recyclables that RecyclePoints WasteBusters collect from the streets of Lagos daily. The management team of RecyclePoints engaged these Volunteers to discussed on collaboration to increase advocacy for sustainable waste management in the country to encourage post-consumers to recycle actively.

The fellows spent three hours working and discussing recycling and sustainability at the Yaba Collection and Sorting Hub (CoSoHUB).

Recycle Point Co-founders, Mazi and Chioma Ukonu with some fellows

RecyclePoints is a for-profit company passionately advocating for waste recycling, they believe that waste management is a tool for sustainability as it would help reduce the waste induced greenhouse gases, create sustainable means of livelihood and also make Nigeria achieve its sustainable development goals, while fostering a Circular Economy.

Founder, Jennifer Uchendu was also present at the hub on this day.

Jennifer Uchendu, SustyVibes founder


Culled from RecyclePoints