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Those Bathroom Products

Those Bathroom Products : Soaps

So, you have been recycling your plastic bottles, nylon bags, paper bags and all that you can recycle abi? Well done you are now a G. Thank you for making the world a better place but are you really really helping the planet?

Yes, I’m asking you a question, and I want you to think hard about it. Are you thinking about it, are you sure, are you really sure? Look around your room, now look in your bathroom do you recycle anything from there?

I’m waiting for your answer oh.

If your answer is no, don’t worry mine was no also.

Okay, let me break it down for you… you use soap to bathe, a toothbrush for obvious reasons (if you have bad breath side eye to you), lotion for your body (if you are like me it’s a bunch of them on the counter), hair related products (I’m natural so you can imagine) and other special products you use (like shaving cream and the rest, again if you are like me you are a product junkie).

Let’s take them one at a time

I use liquid soap for the simple reason that I’m lazy. Anyway, I go through one bottle in like 2 to 3 months. When I’m done with it, it goes in the trash. The thing is the container is plastic so it can be recycled but I don’t always remember to do that. Maybe because the trash can is just right there. Yeah, it’s because the trash can is just right there. No time to go outside to the right bin, yes, I know I’m lazy.

If you use bar soaps they most times come packaged in a plastic wrap and a paper pack. I have a question I understand the plastic wrap because the soap can melt but I don’t understand the paper pack, it makes no sense to me. It would make sense if the paper wrap could dissolve that way it serves its purpose and is washed away (click here). How many people even really look at the ingredients on the backs of soap wraps, unless they have sensitive skin.

This is how you will know how old I am, can you remember canoe soap (click here). By the way, I mean when it was green and not white, it didn’t have to be packaged. You would have to go to the market and tell them how much you needed and they would cut it for you. Whatever happened to that, I guess we have upgraded abi? Was the upgrade necessary?

Then again, how many of this “soap” companies tell us or even encourage us to recycle their packaging. That’s the least they could do with all the money they make on us. Now don’t get me wrong there are companies that do encourage but I would not blow their trumpet till the end of the series.

Yes, did I forget to tell you that this would be a series? Like a Nigerian film, this would have multiple parts, in other words, watch out for part two.

Have a susty filled day.

Ore Adeyinka
Oreoluwa Adeyinka is a recent graduate from Georgia Southern University with a Masters of Public Health Environmental Health. Being a child of missionaries she was able to experience different cultures in different countries and that prompted her interest in the environment at a young age.