The Unending Cycle

Let’s keep it going


Let’s keep it going….

At what point do we accept that we are the ones digging the hole that we are in?

So, I went to Apapa on Sunday before I went to church and it wasn’t a pretty site. I have family members in government so sometimes I get firsthand information about what really goes on in those meetings or on those projects.

Anyway, we get to Apapa and…

Before I go on due to confidentiality reasons I could not take pictures of some of the things that I saw and, I cannot go into complete details on of some of the information I was given.

Okay back to the gist…

So, I was told that a bunch of waste had been physically (I say physically because the government would say we will remove it by mouth and not do anything) removed from specific places. Some of those places were greened and fenced while the others were just cleaned.

By the time we got to those places, there were heaps of trash in those places, it was a mess. Only one the of the fenced places survived, the rest were a mess.

Am I surprised … hmmm. I’m not sure because look at it this way;

we asked the government to clean up the environment,

They did it,

So, ermm who messed it up again.

It was just a waste of funds really, now if a new group of people should ask for a cleanup scheme the government may not what to indulge.

Why did people mess it up again, were they not happy that it was clean, was it a force of habit…?

I feel it was a lack of education.

To ensure the longevity of any program people must be educated on the benefits of keeping that program alive. They must be given the tools to ensuring the sustainability of the program.

The government official that showed me the place was pained and very unhappy about the situation, I would be too.

In fact, I am.

There are so many companies big and small that are concerned about the environment they want to right the wrong that has been done to it.

But this is a two-way process to progress.

The community must be educated on the benefits of the program and how to keep it going.

Let’s keep it going for those yet to come.

Let’s keep it going for companies to continue lending a hand.

Let’s keep it going so that we can breathe.

So that you can breathe.

Let’s keep it going…




Ore Adeyinka
Oreoluwa Adeyinka is a recent graduate from Georgia Southern University with a Masters of Public Health Environmental Health. Being a child of missionaries she was able to experience different cultures in different countries and that prompted her interest in the environment at a young age.