The Story of We.

Domestic Violence


The Story of We.

Who did it

How did you let it happen

It was him

It was her

It was we

No, it was not

It was them


It was we

We heard the cry’s

We saw the marks

We called it home training

We called it tradition

Sometimes even due to lack of respect

We watched

We heard

And all we did was complain

That could not have been us

But it was us

I was we

We all have a hand in this

End domestic violence in all its forms

See something say something

And if you are not sure ask questions.

Ore Adeyinka
Oreoluwa Adeyinka is a recent graduate from Georgia Southern University with a Masters of Public Health Environmental Health. Being a child of missionaries she was able to experience different cultures in different countries and that prompted her interest in the environment at a young age.