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The importance of Ogoni stories

Tell the truth

From Bad to Worse. Web. Ed Kashi. National Geographic.com. Feb 2007

Tell the truth, this is my land

The stench of oil in the air

The sight of a burning flame like day that never ends

My lungs black trying to breathe only to inhale worse

My eyes are crying with no tears

It’s just so dry

The richness of my land being used by a foreign land

I’m here standing in murky waters that hold no life

I want to run shout escape but to where

This is my land but it has been taken away from me

This is my land sold without my consent

This is my land but you see yours

They take from others and pay but they don’t pay for mine

The truth must be told

Tell the truth, tell the truth


This is what Ogoni stories has set out to do, to tell the truth about oil and its relationship with the environment and the hidden people it hurts.

Ore Adeyinka
Oreoluwa Adeyinka is a recent graduate from Georgia Southern University with a Masters of Public Health Environmental Health. Being a child of missionaries she was able to experience different cultures in different countries and that prompted her interest in the environment at a young age.