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Susty Places: LUFASI Park

When I walked into LUFASI park, I felt an incredible aura of calmless; so much nature that I couldn’t help but appreciate the work that had and is still being done in the park.

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LUFASI which means Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiative was founded by Desmond MajekodunmiThe park, which sits on 20 hectares of land on the Lekki – Epe Express Way is a mix of forest conservation, recreational park, green educational centre and a safe haven for animals. On the day I visited, I noticed school children having a picnic and further enquiry showed that that picnics and football games were held all the time by young children. LUFASI  park also has the Green Rangers Club program and LUFASI Education Center which provides interactive climate change and conservation workshops to schools and organisations.

The Ekki Forest Adventure

For an urban forest, what makes the LUFASI park really special is that it is home to some of the world’s endangered species of trees, particularly the Ekki “Iron Wood” tree (Lophira Alata); which was just a beauty to behold with several facts about it highlighted in the pictures below. Although I could not go into the deep forest; I was able to see the forest through a walk way provided for the adventure.

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Tritically endangered Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes Monachus) and the Great Hornbill (Buceros Bicornis) live on some of trees in the park because of their heights; LUFASI park took advantage of this by providing pictures of what this vultures look like and also taking pride in the fact that they house them.

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Animal Community

Apart from the Vultures who rarely ever come out during the day; I found some Donkeys, Horses, Ducks, Monkeys and even a Tortoise at the park. I was also told that a world class veterinary hospital and animal sanctuary is currently in the works; to expand animal rescue and  rehabilitation efforts in the area and also serve as a training centre for young Nigerian veterinary doctors.

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Lake Nora

I like lakes alot, probably because I don’t get to see them alot, at the park, I met Lake Nora and some other lakes which were drying up from the lack of rains at the parl. Worthy of note is that some of the Lakes had fishes that were buried deep under earth where they have access to some amount of water.

Friendly People

The people of LUFASI park are friendly people; my tour guide made me laugh alot of times and answered all my many questions.




Lufasi park apart from all the nature and wild life features also provides a great relaxation space for people who want to get calm and breathe pure and clean oxygen (I explained how this work here).

Lufasi Park is a truly susty place; it is somewhere every nigerian needs to visit and have a sense of what being so close to nature means. I completely enjoyed my time there and I would surely be visiting again.


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