Susty Person of The Week

Susty Person of the Week: Esther Chukwukere

Esther Chukwukere is a graduate of the university of Lagos, Akoka, where she had bothher first and second degrees in Industrial Chemistry and  Environmental Management respectively.
She is the founder of SheRecycles, a social enterprise with a dual mission to empower and encourage environmental stewardship in Nigeria.
As a social enterprise, SheRecycles has a triple bottom line approach, in which the social and environmental missions are balanced with financial returns.
Founding SheRecycles is based upon her passion for my country and the need to give back to society.

Read Esther’s interview below:

Kindly introduce yourself
My name is Esther Chukwukere and I am passionate about my community, I am also doing my bit to give back to the society.

Have you ever wanted a career along this path?
YES – I have always wanted a career in the environmental sector.

Why do you think gender equality promotes sustainability?
Gender equality promotes sustainability because with women and girls engagement, they become catalytic agents of change and equal partners with men in our quest for a sustainable growth.

What is/are your favourite SDG(s)?
My favourite goal would be Goal 17 – Partnership for the goals and for good reasons:
– It binds other SDGs together
– It’s the key to the implementation of all the other goals
– Its shows the importance of achieving equality and inclusive development

What do you want the world to remember you for?
That I was a valued citizen of my country.

What do you do for fun?
I love singing, reading and watching movies, I am also a great dancer!

Tell us about the work you do at SheRecycles?
At sherecycles, we encourage women economic empowerment and environmental stewardship via our trash for training model. 

 What is the one sustainability issue you think Nigeria should be focused on right now?
The issue of waste generation and disposal in our environment

What has been your biggest challenge since founding sherecycles?
Finance has been our biggest challenge.

How can people reach you to learn more about your work?
Twitter: @sherecycles
Phone: +234 7086277495
Email: [email protected]