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Susty Innovations: Sunlight to be used in washing clothes

So there’s this new research that says we would soon be able to wash our clothes with sunlight, Yes.. you heard that right, Sunlight!

At least that’s what was proposed recently by a team of scientists from RMIT University, Australia. The report, published in the journal, Advanced Materials Interfaces this month says these scientists have developed a low-cost, efficient way to grow nano-structures on textiles that can degrade organic matter when exposed to light. Simply put, these nano-enhanced clothes can clean themselves of stains and grime if put under a light bulb or the sun, putting an end to the use of detergents and soaps—which harm the environment—plus lots of water wastage. What you get are clothes that are environmentally-friendly, with no carbon footprint. However, there’s still more work to be done to bring the concept out of the lab, as per the scientists.

Source: Financial Times