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Susty Innovation: Perfect Ecosystem Care Solutions (PECS)

Perfect Ecosystem Care Solutions

Akindele Jamiu Seun, an Environmentalist with a strong passion for solving the improper waste disposal problem within Lagos metropolis started an environmental firm called PERFECT ECOSYSTEM CARE SOLUTIONS (PECS).

Lagos state with a population of 23 million generates 13, 000 metric tonnes of waste daily and about 30% of these waste is collected which are not properly disposed of, clogging the water channels and spreading several diseases.

PECS plans to solve this problem by hygienically collecting and processing of these waste using the best approaches. We make organic fertilisers from food& vegetable waste and recycling of used plastics into a new product. Their aim is to create a cleaner, greener and healthy environment.

PECS Project


PECS have kick started their project by collecting plastics on the streets of Lagos and sensitising the public on the need to always sort their waste before disposal, they look forward to extending their services to all 20 local governments within Lagos and as well have the readily available equipment to process the collected waste.

PECS Project

In order to make this company known to the world, Akindele Jamiu Seun registered for an entrepreneurial programme organised by the NEXT ECONOMY TEAM which is sponsored by the Dutch government. He has undergone four months intensive training on how to build a sustainable business that will gain traction and recognition in the market. Now, he has qualified for the final stage where he has to do a crowd funding for half of the start-up capital that he will be given by the Dutch government which is 1000 US dollars.

So far he has been able to get 158,000 out of the 318,000 through donations, he has 5 days to go. Kindly click here to donate for PECS project. With your support, we can achieve a zero waste environment

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