Stare Down On Pollution

#StareDownOnPollution – Watch Our Animation by Startboard Studio!

Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. This is comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV!!! And even though there are several kinds of pollution caused by several kinds of human activity – there is one in particular that we at SustyVibes really don’t get.

The Pollution that comes from littering totally beats us and because this bad behaviour is one that must stop as soon as possible. From floods to unhygienic air to direct environmental degradation, waste has proven to be a big problem in the Nigerian environment.

Our friends at Startboard Studio created this short animation on our #StareDownOnPollution campaign that can be downloaded and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or showed to friends and children around, we want to get everyone to act right and stare down on daily acts of pollution.

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