SheSpoke: The Beauty of Nature

O climate!
 As old as our very planet
 Full with diverse pleasures
 I remember those days when we walk in the fields at noon
 And children on round circles beholding the stars
 Even those days when the sun rises and sets with her might.
 With the moon showcasing her strength

Now our poor climate is declining
 Sun rays fierce as hell
 With machineries everywhere
 Deforestation has become the main stay of the day
 No one wants to be stretched by nature
 We rely on the four wheels
 And the cruel man-made things
 Let's go back to our love for nature
 Let's stop the gas flaring
 Let's try to regulate running water
 Let's stop the felling of trees
 Let's recycle
 Let's live by the footsteps of our fathers
 Who cared for the little things, even our climate

by Precious Udueyin of Community Girl Project

Adiya Atuluku
Adiya Atuluku is passionate about helping businesses be more sustainable, and she uses her experiences in both environmental and management consulting to achieve this. She is also a believer in the role of technology and good project management in helping achieve sustainability strategies. You can also find her on