Opinion: the tedium of our crosswalks

Source: la.curbed.com
We are a sum total of our thoughts, experience and activities in our sojourn on mother earth. A school of thought believes that our mind is a resipotry of ideas, logic & inspiration, and we should feed and guard it jealously with all diligence such that issues that emanate from it can chart for us a good life.
Another school of thought believes that our mind is like a tabula rasa (blank slate), and the experiences we gather through formal and informal education over time fill in the blank gradually and influence our thought process which invariably translates to the way we create the environment in which we live.
 The population of Nigerians in urban centres with mobility is quite low when compared with those who have no form of mobility. We should give preference to the teeming pedestrian population by providing adequate walkways and crosswalks along our roads that will give them a sense of well being, safety and security.
Of particular importance should be the crosswalks which should not be tedious for people on wheel chairs or strollers to navigate. Over 80 percent of the established crosswalks in Lagos are NOT disabled friendly and often times lead nowhere.  The works and transport ministry should put up a team that is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the sidewalks and crosswalks are appropriately designed.
A lady on a motorised wheelchair attempted to go on a crosswalk along Obafemi Awolowo road, opposite the Secretariat, but she could not go over the median curb as it was about a foot higher than the level of the crosswalk. A lady traffic officer had to come to her rescue. She stopped the traffic for her, whilst three other persons had to lift her across the median curb. The walkway also does not have a ramp. She had to be lifted up on the pedestrian walkway.
These are very basic things that never pose any issues in civilized societies. I see no reasons why they should be tedious for us to do. We need safe and functional walkways and crosswalks.
Submitted by Go Forte