Opinion – Marriage is commonly unfair to women

Everyone’s experience here, on earth, is valid. Desires, dreams, aspirations. I daresay.

Desires, dreams, aspirations. I daresay marriage is commonly unfair to women. Especially in our part of the world. For more often than not, women suspend their goals to help their husbands achieve his in the belief that when he attains his, he will help her arrive at hers. This goes on for so long that the man starts believing only he had aspirations, that his experience is more important than his wife’s. The woman is left with no choice but to channel all that useful energy into her kids. A new project. Something she can put herself into, and everything is fine with the world again. Until her kids grow old and leave the house and she is left empty, unfulfilled, and unhappy, resenting her husband for his selfishness, her children for leaving her, and herself for all the things she wanted to do but did not.
It’s no way to live. Marriage as in institution in these parts, has worryingly misogynistic characteristics.




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Onosa Arebamen

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