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One Year of SustyVibes – No Where To Run Movie Screening

We have screened Nowhere to run twice now and to be honest, we want to screen it a couple more times – we want more people to learn about climate change and the threats to our future, we want people to know that we cannot have jobs and spend money on a dead planet, we want people to start doing better for the environment; to stare down on pollution and to become environmental advocates – Yes, we should all be environmental advocates!

We decided to screen this movie again to begin our one year of SustyVibes celebrations and we sure had a good time. With fifty-two diverse guests, it was good to have them mix-up and get to know each other before watching the movie.









The next few minutes after the screening was filled with lots of reactions; we did well to note some of them below:

  • We need to implement laws that make Nigerians subjected to sustainable living; people are nonchalant about their environment because there is no price to pay for littering the streets, clogging drainages and other environmental crimes.

  • Climate Change cuts across geographical location, class or gender – it affects everyone!
  • Over-prioritizing development issues at the detriment of others; focusing on one goal and neglecting others will only take us backward, e.g. poverty alleviation efforts in the midst of massive climate change displacement, hunger, etc. which obviously exacerbates poverty. It would be beneficial to find ways to make a link in development issues.

  • Climate change must be tackled from the ground up, including reducing emissions from buildings, CFCs, inefficient light bulbs.

  • Climate change is even more pronounced in northern Nigeria; with persons in some states having to travel very far in search of water.

  • Nigerians are not in the business of demanding accountability; with the Sustainable Banking Principles launched in 2012; how many bank customers have asked their banks what they are doing to implement the principles.
  • Did you know that when you pay your land use charge, you are entitled to a waste bin free of charge? We don’t ask and so we cannot know.
  • This sweetheart, daughter of Mazi and Chioma Ukonu of RecyclePoints wowed us when she said she wanted to say something… she said, these plastic bottles we keep throwing around is bad for the environment and its messing Nigeria up! Cute, wise – sustainability!!

RecyclePoints also introduced the guests to their new scheme called the waste busters recycling scheme, more details can be found here.

We also took some time to appreciate all the SustyVibers present, the volunteers who make our work pop! ??

Thanks to our partners: Shehu Musa Yar’adua Foundation, Ostra Halls and Hotel, SoYummy Popcorn, Wilson’s Lemonade, Fabe International and RecyclePoints for supporting this movie screening!!

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