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Nigerian Senate Passes Bill for Climate Change and Hunger

2016 is truly the year of Sustainability as all hands are on deck to achieve Sustainable Development (Development that meets the present needs of its people without comprising the ability of the future to meet their needs) even in current day Nigeria.

Today, the Senate House of Assembly passed bills for  Climate Change and Hunger acts respectively.

According to their social media pages; the act to provide measures against Climate Change is part of Nigeria’s effort to tackle the effects of Global Warming.

They also went on to say on twitter; that the act has a view to  achieve a sustainable future for the country; to set targets to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within Nigeria to promote the use of renewable sources of energy; to promote business and community understanding about issues surrounding climate change; to facilitate the development of policies & programmes to address climate change & for other purposes. The bill was presented by Senator Isah H. Misau of Bauchi Central.

The act to make provisions for freedom from hunger was also brought forward and passed for a second reading; adequate food of acceptable quality is the right of every Nigerian Child, they reported.


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We commend these susty bills as the Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 13 are being promoted and implemented.