Nigerian executives launch group to promote Peace, Unity and Prosperity

A new group- the G-57, on the nations 57 Independent anniversary was introduced to the country as the Nigerian PUP culture, which it says will promote Peace, Unity and Prosperity (PUP) as its main objective.

At the launch of the group yesterday in Lagos, the association- made up of 57 top Nigerian executives, professionals and entrepreneurs committed to Nigeria’s peace, unity and prosperity- vowed to help the Government and other critical stakeholders unleash the nations latent economic potential.

Tom Iseghohi, the G-57 governing board chairman and former Group Managing Director of Transcorp, revealed that even before the official launch, the group had attracted over 600 likeminded Nigerian professionals with followerships of 250,000 in their collective personal capacities 

He acknowledged the value of private funds and discussed how the group intends to channel privately raised funds towards achieving their goals and attracting like-minded supporters and beneficiaries. “We call our vision the Nigerian PUP culture (or PUPC) because we envisage people of al tribes and cultures working peacefully together in unity of purpose to drive the prosperity inherent in our human and natural resources,” Iseghohi said at the Official launch on the 1st of October 2017.

The group aims to reunite Nigerians around common values and they have vowed to secure the next general elections, to ensure that voters rights are protected and outcomes are not fabricated.

According to Iseghohi the group will be revealed to the public in the form of a conference titled ‘Strategies to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals in Water Resources.’. The plans and date for this conference are to be decided. 

Source: ThisDay Live


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