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There might be more floods in Lagos

Source: Premium Times

According to the Lagos state Commissioner at a recent press release in Alausa, Lagos might be in for another water disaster sooner than we would have imagined.

Dr. Babatunde Adejare, Lagos State Commissioner for Environment has advised residents living along the plains of Ogun River to be on the alert and perhaps relocate temporarily, as the Oyan Dam has begun seasonal water releases.

He explained that controlled releases of water from the dam are necessary due to the current nonstop rainfalls, which have recently resumed. He urged people residing along plains of Ogun River in Lagos State such as Ajegunle, Owode-Onirin axis, Owode-Elede, Isheri North, Ogolonto, Irawo to take safety measures which may include relocation and finding temporary alternative accommodation.

Most states in Nigeria have experienced similar, some more severe floods this year.  Parts of Maiduguri, Borno State, are currently under water due to heavy rainfall on Saturday, 26th of August. According to NiMet, more states will experience severe thunderstorms including Yola, Kano, Katsina.

As a matter of fact, Benue state also experienced floods some days ago displacing approximately 110,000 people.

We have found that flooding, hurricanes, and mudslides are becoming global issues as the weather patterns are starting to shift. This might just be the new normal as several countries all over the world are experiencing the same issue, Nepal, Houston are also not left out.

Over 1000 people were reported dead after the mudslides on the 14th of August in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, after three days of heavy rainfall nearly two weeks ago.

As we have witnessed the effects of these heavy rainfalls globally, we urge Lagosians around these areas to adhere to these warnings and take necessary precautions

Stay safe!

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