What Is The deal With Menopause



So, Menopause……

Clinically also known as the Climacteric, is the time in most women’s lives when menstrual periods stop permanently, and they are no longer able to bear children.

It occurs between the age of 49 and 52 and you may have one for the following:

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness,
  • Trouble sleeping,
  • and mood changes as the list goes on it varies on some individual basses.

But enough of the clinical stuff, what do you know about it and when where you taught about it.

So, I was talking with my mum one day (again mum I love you okay) and she had complained of hot flashes. I was stunned, my first comment was mum you are old then the second was what should I expect because I have no knowledge of what I should expect.

After our talk, I asked her how did she know what to expect she said she was told by her close friends. That there is my issue why not in school or church even.

Why is it that when it comes to anything female sex or health-related the information is usually sparse, or you must wait till you are older.

It is the right of every female to know what’s going on in their bodies and not wait till they get to a hospital and be accosted by a nurse. Which on a side note, what is it whit certain female nurses always saying you’re a woman you should be able to handle it. Ermm nope, if I don’t know what is going on with my body how do I handle it. Like I said side note, plus it’s not all nurses just some.

Back to menopause, why are girls not told about it in schools, or was it taught, and I just was not paying attention that day in school. It goes back to a previous post when it comes to sex education and the likes all that girls are told is abstain from your married.

Menopause is a major part of a woman’s life although it’s towards the end, it’s still a part.

And it is not something a woman should just figure out because what if your case is not the same as other. What if you don’t get any symptoms, what if your own symptoms are no the regular ones, what do you do then.

There are so many questions to be asked about menopause and its baggage. And a google search should not be the answer to those question, an educated person giving a lesson to students should be the answer.

Look at it this way the more we inform boys about the use of condoms the more we reduce the rates of unwanted and the spread of STI/D’s.

So why not for girls.

I strongly believe that the more we educate women about their bodies it would defiantly (or at least I think) increase the number of females going to their gynecologist for checkups. That increases the number of women that know more about their health.

Now, who doesn’t like that.

Ore Adeyinka
Oreoluwa Adeyinka is a recent graduate from Georgia Southern University with a Masters of Public Health Environmental Health. Being a child of missionaries she was able to experience different cultures in different countries and that prompted her interest in the environment at a young age.