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Hear Her Cry : a look on child marriage (Final episode)

“As girl children we face a number of challenges, out there we have to hide from those that seeking to do us harm, it wouldn’t be fair to do same at home only to escape early marriage” said Cátia.

Months went by like wind, the time was fast approaching for Susan to end her national youth service, she thought about how she had been able to influence the lives of people in the locality especially the girls. Briefly after the conference that took place months back where she was given the opportunity to make a speech, she got an open opportunity to retain her position at the health centre and become a staff there permanently, the offer was a good one, but Sarah had plans of starting up a foundation that went about spreading the word on; child education importance and the effects of child marriage.

Girl protesting child marriage

The thoughts about the offer kept Sarah up at night for days, she loved the locality but knew deep down that there was a lot of work to be done in other parts of Nigeria. Mrs. Coker in her very supportive way urged Sarah to follow her instincts adding that her plan of making an impact in her country was a brave plan and should not be subdued, she went on to note the clear impact of Sarah’s ideas in the locality, there was an improvement in regards to maternal health, death rate reduced and lesser girls were seen registering for antenatal, more girls have been enrolled in schools and the community head had made it possible for education to be accessible to everyone both rich and poor.

Emir of Kano advocates girl-child education in northern Nigeria – Ventures Africa

Sarah made up her mind to go ahead with heading a foundation that made advocacy for girl child and their wellbeing and rights. She left her footprints at the locality and earned an award for the impacts she influenced in the locality.








































This is not a true story.

Miriam Ituah

Miriam Ituah is a recent public health graduate from madonna university, she loves everything that promotes the health and well-being of individuals and that has prompted her interest in being an environmentalist.