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We have our eyes on Lola Olatunji of LolaCrafts ?

The column “ Women doing awesome stuff” was created to celebrate women doing amazing things for sustainability and to showcase their work to the world, thus encouraging other women to join the train as they make pathways on unfamiliar terrain to bring about sustainable development in Nigeria.

First to feature in this column is Lola Olatunji, the founder of Lolacraft; Lolacraft makes long lasting products such as key holders, handbags, and storage boxes from shopping bags, papers, cans etcetera. She is an advocate of purposeful re-invention of waste to ensure sustainability for a cleaner, healthier and better environment.

Read my interview with Lola below:

How did you get an interest in upcycling?
Motivation came from various directions such as home training and discussion with friends on how to improve the society, the desire to contribute to a cleaner environment and my passion for making things.

What are your products made from?
A variety of recycled plastics ranging from plastic packaging to shopping bags, recycled paper, repurposed fabrics, cans, and in fact, anything available to me at the time. This makes Lolacraft products truly unique because every product is a solution. For example, take something that was only used for about a minute and make it into something that would last for years such as art pieces, handbags and storage boxes.
The tools and method adopted for each product depends on the collection of materials at the given time and what I am trying to create from them.

Is your interest in this related to wanting to create a better environment?
Most definitely.


Do you have plans to scale up?
The idea of Lolacraft “Crafted with Love” is that every piece is truly crafted with Love for the environment, for humanity, for creativity. There are plans to create a wider impact beyond the Lolacraft products and I am working with other organizations as regards this, which is the reason that I look forward to working with SustyVibes who shares a similar passion.

How lucrative is your business right now?
The goal is to generate funds to support the Lolacrafts upcycling approach to waste reduction through the sales of each Lolacrafts product. It is more of service to the community. So buyers know that every item they purchase means fewer items going into the bin, less plastic bottles and plastic bags ending up in our gutters; rather they are made into longer lasting products before they even touch the bin.


What are your thoughts on sustainable living in Nigeria?
Beyond sustainable living, we can have societies with healthy abundance for everyone through proper management of resources, innovative thinking and genuine love for humanity. Plastics are not evil, they have been created by age old technology intended to advance mankind. It is up to us to make proper use of what great scientists have given to us. A bottle that can last 30 generations shouldn’t just be used once to drink water and discarded. It is how we use things that matter, a fire can be lit to give warmth or to burn down a house. It is just as bad to cut down a tree without planting two more in its place as it is to throw a piece of plastic out to the streets without consideration for the environment.

Where can people buy your products?
Links for online purchase available @Lolacrafts on Instagram and Facebook or send a direct message for alternative delivery options.

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Adetutu Adefiranye
Yetunde Adefiranye is an avid reader and she enjoys celebrating women who are passionate about making a contribution towards sustainable development in Nigeria.