Gender Equality

You are a dummy if you don’t believe in Equal Gender Pay

The post below summarized my experience working as a young female employee in an e-commerce firm in Lagos, Nigeria. Specifically on my direct exposure with less pay because of my gender; a trend that is all too familiar in the corporate world these days – one which must be called out by everyone especially women.

Employed as a social media manger, my remuneration was negotiated on the basis of probationary working phase to be reviewed after a few months. Work was fun and fun was work because of great colleagues and the fact that I knew my stuff. Although I worked with smart male counterparts, I thought myself more intelligent that the majority of them, this is because they found easy tasks at work cumbersome and could not engage in intellectual conversations with me.

One day, I was showered compliments on how great I was at work and how valuable I was to the organisation. One thing led to another and we were discussing remunerations and I found out I was paid not only way less than he but I was paid the very least salary in the team as the only female.

When I confronted my boss, these words fell on my face and have built the framework of my advocacy for equal gender pay. He said to me –  “You are only but a female, you do not need to earn more or even close to what the males are earning “

A report published by the IMF found that female presence on the board actually enhanced profitability.

An analysis by the IMF(  reveals that firms with a larger share of women in senior positions have higher return on assets. Adding one or more woman in senior management or on the corporate board, while keeping the size of the board unchanged is associated with an 8-13 basis points higher return on assets. So why do I get less for being a girl? Why am I not paid because of my competency and value? What has my gender got to do with my earning power. This issue needs to be addressed as I know that many women are suffering in this same situation. It is therefore safe to say that only dummies will say they do not believe in equal gender pay.

Susan Ikegwu

Unapologetic feminist. I am a bundle of thoughts looking for the best way to let it all out