Dear beautiful girl

Dear beautiful girl,
I wish you understood your power. Your female power
Your creative power, out of you flows nations of men and women
I wish you were treated right, paid right, given your space to grow.
You are still being sold and treated as a slave by people who don’t understand you.
I wish you had equal rights, the right to an education, the right to work, the right to a sensible maternity leave.
I wish your marriage was your own choice.
I wish your childhood was not stolen from you, and the responsibility of your family put on you.
I wished you weren’t abused, you weren’t raped and blamed for it. I really wish you were treated right.
I hope you see your power. I hope people see you. You are beautiful and precious.
I hope you learn to use your wisdom. I want you to use your wisdom.
You are enough.
You deserve to learn. You deserve to work. You deserve the right to equal pay.
You deserve respect.
You are not alone. You stand on the shoulder of women before you.
Again, you are Enough.

From a woman who made it. You have it in you to make it too.

Ore Adeyinka

Oreoluwa Adeyinka is a recent graduate from Georgia Southern University with a Masters of Public Health Environmental Health. Being a child of missionaries she was able to experience different cultures in different countries and that prompted her interest in the environment at a young age.