Susty Innovations – Sustainable Empathy made in Nigeria

In keeping with a long term vision of connecting business with environment, this start-up, decided to pursue a helpful balance that promotes sustainable living.           They engage thier clients in a carefully planned transition from paper condolence registers to electronic versions thereby increasing access to registrars as well as paper both paper for printing and energy spent on logistics

According to them, “We reckoned that being Africa’s most populated country, concerns about Nigeria’s high mortality figures required a more robust intervention especially with regards to how people mourn their loved ones and preserve their memories. This motivated us to commence the first online Condolence Register in Nigeria”.


This free service has more benefits in the long run and has been praised by many as a timely answer to increasing concerns about deforestation in the country. is a forward looking organisation with major interest in preserving matters of the heart and matters of the environment.

They also provide hard copy premium Condolence Registers; they are standard and can be customized to suit peculiar purposes.


You can pay a tribute to our lost hero, Stephen Keshi here