Her Dreams Are Valid

Campaign Launch: #HerDreamsAreValid

There are so many Nigerian women with potential for bright futures but are hindered by very “small” obstacles, they have a roadmap to their success but cannot reach them because of a few thousands of Naira.  SustyVibes is desirous of helping this kind of women who have one dream that can, with donations from kind people, easily be achieved. Their lives would be way better and they would be able to stand tall in the face of future obstacles, consequently impacting their societies positively.

On August 10th 2016, an idea to help Nigerian women achieve their dreams and have their hopes in humanity somewhat restored came to us and we decided to call the campaign: Her Dreams Are Valid.  This week and for International Day of the Girl Child, we launch this campaign with the intention to fulfill one dream each month through one- off funding.


Every month – God helping us, SustyVibes along with the numerous people who would partner with us on this project would help one woman fulfill a dream. These dreams could be financial or technical, whatever it is, as long as it fits our criteria, we would step in and help. Women development and promotion are a big part of our goals at SustyVibes and this certainly takes it a step forward as we direct our energy to help a real person with a real problem. Our readers would be able to support directly from the site too.

Our good friends at NairaBox have also agreed to help with this campaign, so you can download the app and donate to this campaign there too!

To join our group of partners and get updated on news, events of this campaign please send us an email on [email protected].

You can always join the conversation on social media with hashtag #HerDreamsAreValid and direct more people to this page too!