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Amina Mohammed says implementing 2030 agenda key to addressing climate change, other global concerns

Original post by Paul Omorogbe for tribuneonline

Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina J Mohammed, has said that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are key to addressing climate change and other global concerns.

She stated this during a recent address to mark the second anniversary of the adoption of the SDGs. The occasion of the second anniversary  was tagged “Global Day of Action for SDGs.”

Mohammed said, “The commitment to implement the 2030 agenda is directly relevant to addressing global concerns such as the refugee crisis, climate change, violent extremism, food security, insecurity and increased inequality.

“In the face of such challenges, we can succumb to a feeling of helplessness or we can choose to act; and today we know that people are acting. Today, we know that over 300 organisations and thousands of individuals from around the world have come together for the first global day of action to celebrate the SDGs.

“You are showing that you are not only watching your governments, but you are taking direct action yourselves to set the world on the right path. Days like today are an important reminder that we are all working together as part of the same destiny.

“The 2030 agenda requires the engagement and participation of all: governments, the private sector, civil society organisations and citizens everywhere.”

Speaking to environmental activists and non-governmental organisations that focus on the SDGs, she said, “Thank you all for this demonstration of the power of the people. We have heard your voices clearly throughout My World 2030. We have seen how you are inspiring others in creating the transformation that will turn the SDGs into reality. The UN deputy called for increased support when she said, “Let us continue to work together for the future that we want: a world of peace, of prosperity, of dignity and respect and a healthy planet.”

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