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Women unCrushed – Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo

Woman UncrushedPastor Adejumo. courtesy of FFA

Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo is the president of Funke Felix Adejumo Foundation, an accomplished pastor who has a great passion for women and is dedicated to making sure they are the best they can be. Her foundation is dedicated to making a global impact with a special call to equipping women and restoring dignity to womanhood.

SustyVibes reached out to her to share her story of survival, motivation and lessons learned over the years.

We are sure you would love our Woman Uncrushed as much as we do, Read below the story of our woman uncrushed – Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo.

Q: You stated that people came to cry the day you were birthed because you are a girl: how did this fact sharpen your mindset to live a purposeful life?

A: When I was born people gathered to cry for my father, because their expectation was for a baby boy. They despitefully said, “A girl! What can she become?” So, my father was advised not to bother sending me to school, but in spite of this, my father continued to fund my education. I wasn’t born poor, but we became poor by virtue of life’s challenges. We were so poor that even poor people called us poor.

However, I didn’t allow my background to put my back on the ground. I vowed that I was going to matter in life where it matters. I committed myself to habits that would position me for greatness in life. First is the habit of putting God first. As a single lady, I was the most active member of my church back then, even when I didn’t know that I would grow up to become a Pastor’s wife. More so, I was very determined to make it in life. Being a studious person, I worked very hard while in school.

Q: When you had to hawk to sustain yourself as a young woman, what was the experience like for you?

A: I had to hawk to survive that stage of my life, even though I was the head-girl in my school. It wasn’t a pleasant experience at all, from the remote part of Ibadan to the Express Road. But my determination for success was never crushed. And God singled me out! Regardless of what the economic clock reveals, one thing remains: God’s mercies never change, and is available to everyone. Even as a hawker on the streets, his mercies found me!

Q: What would you tell your younger self?

A: I am so glad I met the Lord Jesus at a very young age of 14, but even now I wish I met Him from my mother’s womb.

Q: What advice do you have for young women who are going through a period of self-doubt?

A: Every woman should realize that she is a womb-man. As a womb-man, you are more than a woman! And when you start speaking the devil’s language, you are endangering your destiny. Once your mind is captured, there’s nothing left to envy about you because you are nothing but a shell. Let no one harass you with an unpopular lyric of disgrace because God’s grace is so heavy upon your life. Never forget who you are and refuse dancing to the tune the devil is playing.

Q: How can other women benefit from the (Your) foundation?

A: We support widows, orphans, less privileged (especially women). The foundation has an orphanage for children; and an Another Chance Home for domestically abused women. The covenant of life is superior to the covenant of marriage.

Q: In Africa, marriage has been placed as a compulsory title for young women, what are your thoughts on women who still have this mindset?

 A: I am of the opinion that it is better not to be married than to be married wrongly. Many women would have been better today but for the men, they married. The goal of marriage is not a change of status or even reproduction. The goal of marriage is for fulfilling God’s mandate. Marriage is for destiny. Let no one pressure you into marrying the wrong person. Seek God’s face and let Him guide you and he would help you become a woman uncrushed.


Women uncrushed was formed to tell stories for African women who have lived through the toughest of situations and are still living, Every month we would be bringing you one woman who has refused to remain crushed down by pressures of life and hope that her story brings strength and encouragement to someone who might need an inspiring story to get through their day.

Remember, you are beautiful, you are strong and you won’t be crushed.

By Olamide Vanessa






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